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I get to see the most amazing person i know in less than 20 hours this makes me so happy!!! See this girl this is my bestest most treasured friend that i hav threw everything we r still open and nice and love eachother so much. She can be crazy but she is my kinda crazy Tennettey you complete me. And i cant wait to see you to let the shenanigans begin!!!!

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Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi behind the scenes of Ghost World (2001)

Mermaid at Hampton Court (by ukjohn)

Four Pound BHO infused Fruity Krispy Treat

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الصبر مرّ ، لكن ثماره حلوه
patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet


I didn’t even wait for all the gifs to load before I reblogged this…

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"Making me writhe and moan
seems to be a favorite
pastime of yours,
especially when your mouth
follows your hands
between my thighs…
even more so
when your teeth sink into one thigh,
and then the other —
making me drip in anticipation —
but most especially
when your tongue finds its way
to the one spot you’ve been
teasing, what seems like, forever,
and the tease continues
until I’ve lost all sense of self…
and you, finally, give me what
we’ve both been wanting,
delicious release."

- by~sw (via ms-woodsworld)

(via ms-woodsworld)